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Engineering and AI teams Langtail

“Langtail simplifies the development and testing of Deepnote AI, enabling our team to focus on further integrating AI features into our product”

Ondřej Romancov

“This is already a killer tool for many use-cases we are already using it for. Super excited for the upcoming features and good luck with the launch and further development! 💜”

Jakub Žitný

“Been using LangTail for a few months now, highly recommend. It has kept me sane. If you want your LLM apps to behave uncontrollably all the time, don't use LangTail. On the other hand, if you are serious about the product you are building, you know what to do :P Love the product and the team's hard work. Keep up the great work!”

Sudhanshu Gautam

“I have used Langtail for prompt refinement, and it was a real timesaver for me. Debugging and refining prompts is sometimes a tedious task, and Langtail makes it so much easier. Good work!”

Martin Staněk

“LLM products are creating a flurry of bad experiences in their rush to hit the market quickly. But Petr and his team have been demonstrating since day one just how serious they are about doing this job with outstanding designs. I've been following them for over a year now and I highly recommend them to everyone. I'm certain they're going to reach fantastic places.”

Yiğit Konur

“Been using Langtail for a while, and it has made working with our clients a breeze”

Soham Adwani

“Unpredictable behavior of LLMs, team collaboration on prompts and robust evaluation were the biggest pains for me when I was building my app. But now it's solved thanks to LangTail. It's a great product.”

Michal Stoklasa