Empowering Teams to Deliver Great AI Products

From Collaborative Prompt Management to Seamless Deployment and Monitoring. Langtail Provides an All-in-One Platform for Every Step of Your AI Application Lifecycle.

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Experiment without blockers

Prototype Quickly and Effectively

Rapid Iteration
Experiment with different LLM prompts and settings to quickly find the best fit for your application.
User-Friendly Interface
Intuitive tools that allow both technical and non-technical team members to contribute to the prototyping process.
Real-time Feedback
Instantly see how changes in your prompts affect the performance and output of your AI models.
Version History
Easily revert to previous versions of prompts, ensuring you can always go back to a tried-and-tested prototype if needed.
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Tailored for Developers

Deploy and Analyze with Precision

Seamless Deployment
Deploy prompts as API endpoints across various environments such as production, staging, and preview.
Dynamic Variables
Enhance prompts by sending variables for tailored interactions and responses.
Comprehensive Logging
Every API call is meticulously logged, capturing performance data, token count, and LLM costs.
Metrics Dashboard
Access an aggregated view of prompt performance with detailed metrics like request count, cost, latency, and more, presented in clear, easy-to-understand graphs for each prompt.
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AI is here for everyone

Enhancing Team-Wide Collaboration in AI

AI for Everyone on the Team
Langtail democratizes AI, enabling both technical and non-technical team members to collaborate on prompt development.
Empowering QA Teams
Quality Assurance personnel can craft and manage LLM evaluations, contributing to the accuracy and reliability of AI responses.
Insights for Product Owners
Provides product owners with a clear view of how AI interacts and responds, aiding in product development and strategy.
Executive Oversight
Executives can access comprehensive analytics, offering a high-level perspective on AI efficiency, user engagement, and cost management.
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Voices from the Industry

“Langtail simplifies the development and testing of Deepnote AI, enabling our team to focus on further integrating AI features into our product”

Ondřej Romancov
Software Engineer at Deepnote

“Langtail enables companies to involve their entire team in the AI application creation process, making it a go-to for collaborative AI development.”

Vu Hoang Anh
Co-founder of Avocode

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