Langtail is an LLMOps platform that helps teams speed up the development of AI-powered apps and ship to production with fewer surprises.

What can Langtail do?

  • Playground: Experiment, debug, and collaborate on prompts.
  • Tests: Create a suite of tests to evaluate how changes to your prompt text or LLM parameters affect your app.
  • Deployments: Publish your prompts as API endpoints, allowing you to iterate on them without redeploying app code.
  • Logs: Observe what real-world users are sending to your prompt and how it’s responding.
  • Metrics: Keep an eye on important data points like latency and cost.

Why use Langtail at all?

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • I have a text file of sample user inputs and I paste them one by one into my app to see the output “seems good”.
  • My teammate from marketing wants to help write prompts but … all of them live in the codebase. So, I paste the prompt into a Google Doc and share it with them. Then copy it back to code when they’re done.
  • I have no idea if some users are costing me more money than others. The only data I have available is the monthly spend chart from OpenAI’s billing dashboard.
  • My LLM provider released a new version of their model but I’m too nervous to upgrade because I don’t want to break my app.

We are developers ourselves. We know from our own experience (and Twitter) that building great AI-powered products is hard. On top of that, the landscape is changing very quickly and can be overwhelming at times.

We built Langtail to address the pain points that a team experiences as they take their proof-of-concept and turn it into a real product that can be shipped to production.

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